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    • Aksesibilitas Anak dan Konstruksi Diri pada Facebook 

      Adeni, Susri; Gushevinalti; Nopianti, Heni (Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, 2014-03)
      Facebook is not only used by teens or adult, but also children of primary school age, ranging from grade 4 (four) to grade 6 (six) or starting from the age of 8-12 years. This is an interesting fact because basically a ...

      Puworini, Dian; Sugiyanti, Arif (lppmums, 2012-07)
      This paper investigates the students' motives in using Facebook for personal branding. In this study, 4 motives were generated to describe personal branding. These motives were coded into 12 indicators which were completed ...
    • The Portrait of Code-Mixing in High School Students' Facebook Status in Surabaya 

      Anzaska, Lidwine; Himmawati, Dian Rivia (Proceedings of ISETH 2017 (The 3rd International Conference on Science, Technology, and Humanity), 2017-12)
      Code-mixing has become a phenomenon of language. Recently, there has been a growing interest among high school students to use English words in daily Indonesian language conversation. Furthermore, they do not only use ...